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Recorded Webcast - Breakthrough Technology: Single Particle ICP-MS for Characterizing Five Attributes of Metallic Nanomaterials

PerkinElmer has taken a proactive stance in understanding and helping with Nano research needs and challenges, has strong collaborations with academic, industry, and government scientists in the nanomaterials field and is a member of the U.S. ISO Nano Technical Committee 229, an international organization which identifies the most important nano methods needed and their development.

During this webcast, you will learn about the benefits of Single Particle ICP-MS (SP-ICP-MS) for the fast and accurate characterization and quantitation of single nanoparticles. We will share tips and tricks to ensure the highest analytical performance as well as productivity, and also demonstrate how SP-ICP-MS enables labs to meet the regulated parameters.

Single Particle ICP-MS delivers:
Higher accuracy of data – particle size, distribution, composition, agglomeration and dynamic range of the concentration
Very fast sample measurements, seconds rather than minutes per sample
Ability to screen real life samples for nanoparticles with minimum or no sample preparation
Ability to look at two elements in the same nanoparticle with ultrafast data acquisition
Ability to visualize and identify if samples have aggregated nanomaterials, track fate and transformation of nanoparticles
Dedicated SP-ICP-MS software provides the needed information around instrument setup, calibration and reporting of nanoparticle-relevant parameters
No hyphenation required

Examples of this new solution will be shown together with application data to explore the depths of the nanotechnology world. Discover with us also all the different resources available!


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