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The 2013 INspiring INnovation Tour is an amazing opportunity to learn about new applications and technologies in your specific area of work. Last year over 1,100 scientists and researchers participated in these information-packed days and this year we want you to be one of them! Join us in these upcoming months at one of our 18 cities. Click below to learn more about the multiple presentations and featured guest speakers offered at each convenient location. 

2013 INspiring INnovation Tour
Making A Difference

INTour 2013
Call for Presentations

PerkinElmer is inviting all scientists to submit presentations for consideration for our 2013 tour. If selected, you'll be invited to attend an event in your area to present your work to attendees. It's your chance to share your ideas and experiences with others in the industry and to be recognized as an innovative leader in your field.

Network with science professionals and get hands on with the latest technologies in our INnovation Hub. For a full list of instruments on display, click on one of our locations to the left. 
In addition, each location offers numerous presentations by local or national experts.
Throughout the day, you will be meeting with technical experts in our INnovation Hub to discuss new industry trends and applications. 
PerkinElmer is making a difference by supporting local and national charities, of which many are focused on science and math education. 
To-date, PerkinElmer has raised and donated over $21,000 from the INTour, some of the charities are listed below.
Make a difference and join today!